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Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment
The curriculum is what we are expected to teach. We are expected to teach the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, (TEKS).
It is the District's expectation and our responsibility as teachers to know the specificity of the TEKS. (Standards - readiness and supporting standards)
When we talk about instruction, this is how the TEKS are taught in the classroom.
It is the District's expectation that teachers are equipped with the skills to teach the Texas Essentials Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).
The District provides resources that can assist you with this expectation.
Examples: Programs, processes, professional development, etc.
It is our responsibility to use our skills and knowledge (regarding pedagogy) to deliver instruction.
It is the District's expectation that students are assessed on what is taught and how teachers provide instruction.
We assess students using end of unit assessments, benchmarks, and STAAR/EOC.
It is our responsibility as teachers to use assessment that are aligned to the instruction.
District Contact:
Melissa Bass
Curriculum & Instruction Director
(830) 334-8001 x1134

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